Handlebar Helmet, red

The next level in
    kids’ bike safety
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Kids riding bikes with Handlebar Helmet

Handlebar Helmet is a plastic device that is easily inserted in the end of youth bike handlebars.

Handlebar Helmet installed

During a bicycle accident, Handlebar Helmet may prevent serious injuries that can result from a child being struck by the bike handlebar.

The unique design means it fits nearly all youth bikes.

Choose one of 5 colors for your Handlebar Helmet!

Only 19.95* per pair!

Handlebar Helmet colors

*plus shipping & tax

Handlebar Helmet Installation

Step 1
Carefully remove the covering on the end of the handlebar.

Step 2
Insert the Handlebar Helmet into the handlebar.

Step 3
Use a rubber mallet (or anything you have handy) to secure the Handlebar Helmet in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to install?

Yes. All you need is a razor knife or similar tool and a mallet, hammer, or similar object. You simply remove the covering on the end of the handlebar (if it is there), insert the Handlebar Helmet, and tap it a few times to secure the fit.

My child's bike came with a handgrip that covers the end of the handlebar. Isn't that enough protection?

No. Over time, that thin piece of rubber/plastic does not provide adequate protection. That hand grip will wear out a little more each time your child throws their bike down on the ground eventually leaving the exposed metal handlebar.

Do they work on any bicycle?

We know that the Handlebar Helmet will fit these brands of bicycles: Huffy, Mongoose, DBX, and Monarch. Email us to tell us your brand of bicycle and we’ll add it to the list.

What if it doesn’t fit my bicycle?

If they don’t fit your bicycle, contact us for a full refund.

Should I wait until the existing handgrips wear off before installing the Handlebar Helmet?

No. We recommend installing them the day you purchase a new bicycle. Accidents don't wait - you shouldn't either.

Are there other benefits to the Handlebar Helmet?

Yes. Handlebar Helmet could protect your car from being scratched for those times when the kids are riding too close to your car. They also prevent your hands from sliding off the handlebar.

My child is on a small bike with training wheels. Why would I need Handlebar Helmets?

Rookie bike riders typically have trouble just getting on and off the bike. Any time the bike falls to the ground, the handlebars are left in the air just waiting for someone to fall on them.

Nothing is more important than your child’s safety.

Protect your child with
Handlebar Helmet.
Only $19.95 per pair

plus shipping & tax